‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR APRIL 14, 2017: Does the U.S. Really Want Peace in Syria?…The Complete Breakdown of the U.S. Media…Headlines on United, Pushback to Trump Militarism and More…

On today’s show, we are going to continue to talk real talk about war and violence in our society. Even despite whatever physical, mental or emotional protections we want to create for ourselves, it is difficult to live in April 2017 without also experiencing violence in some way—whether it be continued US-involved killing of men, women and children in Yemen, Iraq and across the Middle East; or fresh videos of state police terror in American communities; or the assault by private police on an elderly doctor who was dragged from a United Airlines flight. Related, does the U.S. empire even want peace in Syria? Or does it want another failed state like it produced in Iraq and Libya. We speak with writer and activist Sam Husseini about his new article in Counterpunch, “Is US Policy to Prolong the Syrian War?” And we are also joined by journalist Jon Jeter in a dissection of the worst sins and lies of the corporate media.

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