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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi I would love to get involved with the betterment of our people
    For many years I have been posting articles on my FB page and attending a few rallies . I feel that there is much more I can do please let me know who I can make this possible. I am a Pharmacist I have volunteered my time to speaking to kids about my profession. Also to show them that minorities can be professionals and not just rappers or ballers. Thank you for reading from me.

  2. Just caught your Sojourner Truth reading on WPFW and wanted to let you know about a significant recent event regarding her. The house that Sojourner Truth purchased and were she resided in Northampton Mass., was sold just last year to a private party. I learned about the sale 2 days afterward and contacted the realtor and a number of African American history organizations in Northampton and Boston to see if the sale could be reversed or if the house could be re-purchased and converted to a museum – but to no avail. Everyone was aware of the home’s existence. It should at least be a historical landmark so that it’s protected. It was unprecedented at the time for an African American woman to purchase a house. Her church pastor, a white man, had to act as her agent and actually purchase it for her in his name – but with her own money.

    • That reading was actually on the show before “On the Ground”. Gwen McKinney was sitting in for Bil Fletcher on “Arise”. But this information is very welcome. I will follow up with you about it. Thank you for writing!

  3. Greetings,
    My name is Dr. Rhone Fraser and I am inviting you and your listeners to a talk by Medea Benjamin at Howard University on Thursday, February 18th at 7pm at the ILH Auditorium which is at 601 Howard Place NW. She will speak about US-Saudi relations and CODEPINK’s upcoming Saudi Summit on March 5th & 6th.
    Rhone Fraser, Ph.D.

    • Posted here and will try to announce on the air. Thank you! We intend to cover the summit. –Iverem

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