DEAR ALL, I HAD A DIGITAL (BILLING) MISHAP AND LOST MY LONGTIME DOMAIN, SEEINGBLACK.COM. SOMEONE ELSE IS USING IT NOW, NO DOUBT CASHING IN ON THE ONE-TIME TRAFFIC AND NAME. All of the real seeingblack’s content is still safe and in my possession but now, in addition to deciding how to make the content visible again, I will need to transfer the content to my new domain, and, (which are actually better suited for our content. SB was never much of a .com).  I am now in the process of correcting all of my online pages to just say seeingblack, which was always the point anyway. 🙂

IF YOU ARE A SEEEINGBLACK USER, and you wonder why you are on this website, this is why: Because of the limited capacity of Esther Iverem’s one-woman volunteer operation, and the website for her radio show, “On The Ground,” will need to be merged but Iverem has not found the time or capacity to delegate this task. It’s been years now!  Faithful users know that the last posts for SeeingBlack were links to the content on this website for “On The Ground,” which is broadcast on two dozen Pacifica stations and affiliates and archived permanently here. So bringing you to this site right away eliminates a layer of duplicate work and toil that was increasingly unmanageable.

April 9, 2016, on Paul Robeson’s birthday, marked the 15th anniversary of We had hoped to have this “construction” done in time to celebrate SeeingBlack’s 15th anniversary with you. But, no luck. When we DO finish the construction, you will be able to access all of again, it will be on a new platform and have more of it’s own content again. We thank you for continuing to support us, even as we have faced a myriad of challenges and new opportunities. Though the Black online environment has evolved to be more populous and corporate since our 2001 debut, we see all around us proof positive of the need to still have a place for our unfettered voices on arts, media and politics.

Click on the Listen to Shows tab to access ‘On The Ground’ show archive.

A Luta Continua!