‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 28, 2018: 2018 in Review With Historian Gerald Horne…The New Cold War With China…The New Climate Militancy…Aretha…And MUCH More

2018 in Review With Historian Gerald Horne…The New Cold War With China…The New Climate Militancy…Aretha…And MUCH More 

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  1. Happy New Year! Great show.Thank you Esther and Dr. Horne
    Ajamu Baraka on Trump’s New Africa Policy 12.18.18 Today on Flashpoints, we’re joined by Ajamu Baraka of the The Black Alliance for Peace to discuss the Trump administration’s new Africa policy announced last week by National Security advisor John Bolton. Finally, we review and take on today’s headlines about Venezuela as the US war of words and moves towards military intervention intensify.

    Media Roots Radio- Is Trump Really Curtailing US Empire? Abby and Robbie wrap up 2018 by discussing bizarre holiday antics at the White House their favorite Christmas movies, Liz Wahl running for Congress, and how inhumane US border policy is literally killing kids. The second half of the episode they discuss the notion that Trump is “curtailing US empire” by withdrawing the troops he himself added from Afghanistan and Syria, despite expanding the US military to its largest size, while increasing bombing 400% and civilian casualties nearly 300%. *Conversation about Trump’s troop withdrawal at 48:00

    Army Recruiters Infiltrate Gaming [teach the children well]
    Nowhere is safe from the US Army; not even your video games. Learn about how Twitch has joined the Military Industrial Complex—putting recruiters in your headsets—among other new tactics to recruit gamers.
    ALSO: Sadistic SEALs murdering civilians, and fellow soldiers, for sport; and Radical Military History covers the only veteran to ever renounce his Congressional Medal of Honor.

    To the needy master: On Black public thought under White supremacy.
    Writer Mychal Denzel Smith explores the burden of presenting the Black experience to a White audience – from the demands of media gatekeepers to constantly explain and justify the basic humanity of Black people, to the active passivity of a White society uninterested in examining the historical or present consequences of their status atop American society.

    Mychal Denzel Smith wrote the article “The Gatekeepers: On the Burden of the Black Public Intellectual” for Harper’s.

    Dem. Rep. Of Congo Postpones Election While US Props Up President Kabila
    After 58 years of repression, the battle for democracy picks up in the DRC, while PResident Joseph Kabila continues to enjoy unquestioned support from the US and has an Israeli security company working for him. We speak to Maurice Carney

    Amandla! – Doug Miller’s media review – 21/11/2018
    The role of China in Africa and the often hyper-inflated concerns raised by western commentators was examined in four different sites on the web. Quartz Africa Weekly Brief (qz.com/emails/africa-weekly-brief/) comes out of a business perspective, but has become a go-to source for current affairs and critical analysis. That led to The China in Africa Podcast out of South Africa (chinaafrica-podcast.com/) run by several China watchers in academic and jouanlistic cirles. The Greanville Post announces itself as an Anti-Imperialist Tool (www.greanvillepost.com/) and reprinted an article on China and Africa by Leo Zhao who has his own critical website with many articles on Africa (medium.com/@leohezhao)

    Amandla! – DRC take on Canadian palm oil – 05/12/2018
    Nine communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo push back against a centry-old system of oil palm plantation exploitation—with an important Canadian connection—that has left them hamstrung and poor on their own land. Gwen talks to Devlin Kuyek of GRAIN, an organization lending critical support to the struggle.

    Sputnik News host Dr. Wilmer Leon and I discussed my Black Agenda Report interview with Bénédicte Kumbi Njoko on the causes of the ongoing human catastrophe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the way that singular focus on womens’ suffering distracts from the West’s imperial aggression there. For the first few minutes we discussed breaking news about Julian Assange, and at the end we discussed a document published by Wikileaks that confirms what we were saying about Congo. Ann-garrison – Sputniks-critical-hour-congo-in-the-abyss-julian-assange-in-peril

    Kitten Rescues, Lip-Syncing & Christmas Traffic Stops: Your Guide to Clickbait Copaganda

    The media – local and national, print and TV – love puff pieces designed to make the police look good and generally improve their overall brand with the public. More often than not, these human interest stories are typically fed to local news by the police themselves. This type of pseudo-journalism is most transparent in its most overly saccharin iteration, something we like to call clickbait copaganda.

    Stories involving noble patrolmen rescuing cats from car engines, helping little Jimmy find his stolen bike, raising money for charity, coaching Little League, white cops hugging black kids or handing out Christmas presents all do well on social media and help burnish the police’s image in the age of Black Lives Matter.

    On this week’s episode, we examine the increasingly viral nature of pro-police agitprop, dissect how organic these stories actually are, and identify the five main types of clickbait copaganda.

    Our guest is journalist Ashoka Jegroo.


    Inside the Integrity Initiative, the UK gov’s information war on the public w/ David Miller (E32)
    Journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss Britain’s Integrity Initiative and the information war it is waging on the public, with propaganda expert Professor David Miller. We address the scandal surrounding this UK government-funded think tank, which has attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-war left and laundered disinformation through the corporate media under the guise of countering Russia.

    Inside the Temple of Covert Propaganda: The Integrity Initiative and the UK’s Scandalous Information War

    The US is Arming and Assisting Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, While Congress Debates Prohibition

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