‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR SEPTEMBER 14, 2018: Ten Years After the 2008 Economic Crash…DC in the Era of Climate Change…Headlines on More War in Syria?…A Progressive Plan to Expand Social Security and More…

As Hurricane Florence batters the Mid-Atlantic, a discussion with Kristina Dahl of the Union of Concerned Scientists about how the nation’s capital is impacted by worsening climate change.

And ten years ago this week, there was the world economic crash of 2008, which resulted in millions of Americans “losing their jobs and homes. Now, a decade later, has there really been a recovery? We speak to analyst Dedrick-Asante Muhammad.

Gerald Horne on new dangers in Syria; Bolton’s Outrageous Threats to the ICC and the Economic Summit Between Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.

Plus Headlines:
–Trump says Puerto Rico Death Toll from Maria figure is fake and designed to make him ‘look bad.’
–New Congressional Effort to Expand Social Security.
–Survivor of Waffle House Police Assault Speaks at CBC Weekend.
–Activist Tameka Mallory Asks for Legal and Financial Support for Chikesia Clemons.
–Code Pink Lays Backpacks in Front of Saudi Embassy to Protest Bombing and Murder of Yemeni Children.
–Big Money and Big Media Tries to Take Down Ben Jealous.
— Two New 9-11 Books Challenge September 11 narrative.

Voices: Dedrick-Asante Muhammad Prosperity Now, Kristina Dahl of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Rep Debbie Dingell, Gerald Horne, Code Pink, Rep. Val Demings, Chikesia Clemons.

“On The Ground—Voices of Resistance from the Nation’s Capital” (www.onthegroundshow.org) is a weekly show that brings alternative news from DC. We cover social justice activism and activists, those who are in the DC area and those who come to DC from across the nation or from across the globe to speak truth to power. Esther Iverem, creator, executive producer and host, is an award-winning journalist, poet, visual artist and activist. Her most recent book is “Olokun of the Galaxy,” a book of poetry and visual art about honoring Earth’s oceans and ecosystem and those who perished, survived or descended from the Atlantic Slave Trade. (Seeing Black Press).

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