‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 22, 2023: The Year In Review Part 1: Issa Amro on Israel as a Fascist State, Jill Stein on Ukraine, the Tyre Nichols Police Murder, More Pipelines as Our Planet Burns, And More… 

SUPPORT US! This is part one of our look back at 2023. From Palestine to a myriad of protests; from the climate crisis, to police terror, to the African Sahel: this year was a time of continuing and tremendous crisis for the world’s global majority. And it was a time of resistance and for challenging U.S. empire like never before. 

When international human rights activist Issa Amro visited Washingon, DC in January 2023, dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank had already been murdered in the new year by IDF soldiers and illegal Jewish settlers. Also at the start of 2023, the brutal beating and murder of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police, captured on surveillance camera, reinforced the systemic nature of police abuse in the United States. This show also includes my conversation with 2016 GREEN party presidential candidate Jill Stein at the  MARCH ON WASHINGTON FOR PEOPLE’S NEEDS, NOT THE WAR MACHINE March 18th 2023 near the White House. Those opposed to President Biden’s approval of the Mountain Vally Pipeline rallied outside the White House on June 8. And this year “On the Ground” joined individuals and organizations around the United States and world in honoring the 125th birthday of  the artist and revolutionary Paul Robeson. 

Voices: Issa Amro, the Rev. Al Sharpton, NeeNee Tay, Gerald Horne, Crystal Cavalier-Keck, Jason Crazy Bear Keck, archival audio of Paul Robeson.

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