WASHINGTON, DC, the belly of the beast of international military and corporate power, is also a place of activism. It is where we come to speak truth to power in the streets and in the halls and assemblies of power. But you wouldn’t know about this activism based on what is covered in the corporate media. Even so-called progressive cable news outlets tend to focus instead on the jockeying of electoral politics.

“On the Ground”, which premiered on May Day, May 1, 2014, counters this trend by giving a voice to the voiceless. The weekly hour hosted by Esther Iverem covers social justice activism, with a special emphasis on sustainable living, the environment, economics, labor and the left edge of culture and media.

The show airs Fridays 10-11am on 89.3 FM, WPFW Pacifica Radio, in the Washington, D.C. DMV area and also reaches into portions of Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Friday time slot began on April 8, 2016 but the show first aired as the Thursday edition of “Community Watch and Comment,” 11 am-noon. The show streams live at and is archived there for at least three months. This site,, includes a permanent audio archive of the show.

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