‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR MAY 5, 2017: At the People’s Climate March and May Day 2017, Standing Against Police Terror, “Trumpcare” and More…

On this show, voices reflecting the tremendous activity in DC this week—The People’s Climate March, May Day 2017 and the breakdown of silos between labor, immigrants, indigenous communities and the Movement for Black Lives. There is a new generation of activists taking to the streets and to the suites of power here—like this week those who testified before the DC Council to urge the district to divest from Wells Fargo bank, and to create a public bank owned by the people.

Headlines: Recent developments in cases of police terror; Code Pink protester convicted for laughing during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing; “Trumpcare” passes House; spending bill averts cuts to domestic programs–for now–and still boosts the already bloated military budget. In culture and media: cartoons of Palestinian Mohammad Sabaaneh; “Risk” is the new documentary about Julian Assange by Oscar-winner Laura Poitras; Andrea Bray, longtime Pacifica programmer, the “hat lady” and “queen of old-school rhythm and blues,” joined the ancestors this week.


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