‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JAN. 12, 2018 – The People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War, Day Two: The Costs (Rebroadcast)

Voices from day two of the People’s Tribunal on the Iraq War. The tribunal was sponsored by Code Pink Dec. 1-2, 2016 here in Washington DC at the University of the District of Columbia Law School. On our last show, we featured voices from the first day of the tribunal, which focused on the lies used to invade Iraq in 2003, lies, war crimes and other violations of international law that killed, injured and displaced millions of Iraqis and destroyed their country. Day 2, featured on todays show, focuses on the costs of the invasion. The tribunal is an ongoing online project that can reached and viewed in full at www.iraqtribunal.org.

Correction: A speaker in the first half of the show is misidentified on the broadcast. His name is Matthew Hoh.

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