‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR APRIL 9, 2021: Faith Leaders Rally Against the Filibuster… WTU President Elizabeth Davis Killed in Car Crash… Dr. Margaret Flowers on U.S. Sanctions that Kill, the Poison Pill in the For the People Act and COVID Update…Headlines on Chauvin Trial, Ukraine with Gerald Horne and More…

Why are basic needs of people in the United States being held hostage by a senate rule, which is not even a law or in the Constitution? Faith leaders say that the filibuster is immoral and speak out on Easter Monday. And more on that poison pill inserted into the proposed and highly promoted federal voting rights bill, The For the People Act, which will actually make it much harder for third parties to emerge and compete against the two corporate parties. Dr. Margaret Flowers talks about the poison pill, U.S. sanctions that are killing people in other countries, and she has the latest on COVID in the U.S. Plus headlines on Chauvin, the death of Elizabeth Davis, president of the Washington Teachers Union and police in schools.

Voices: Dr. Margaret Flowers, Professor Gerald Horne, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Rev. Jim Winkler, Rev. Liz Theo Harris, WTU President Elizabeth Davis.

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