‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JULY 28, 2023: 70 Years After Armistice, Rallying to Finally End the Korean War… Gerald Horne on Biden, His Ukraine Connection, and the Emerging New World Economic Order  

The Korean War, with four million civilians dead and the country destroyed, provides enduring proof that the Cold War was really a hot war against liberation movements of the Global South. Seventy years later, the war is still not ended officially. We hear from some of those who came to Capitol Hill to call for an end to this dangerous war game between nuclear powers. And as the legal woes of Hunter Biden threaten to ensnare his father, the 46th president, we speak to historian Gerald Horne about Biden, his Ukraine connection, and also about the emerging new world economic order.  Headlines on Teamsters tentative settlement, new Trump charges, ocean currents disrupted, Covert Action Magazine event July 31 at Busboys.

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