‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JULY 8, 2022: The Farce of You Lie… Little to Celebrate as U.S. Supreme Court Tramples Human Rights and Nation is Besieged by Violence… Gerald Horne and Greg Carr on the Legacy of U.S. Settler Colonialism

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/p/content.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/OTG-JULY8-2022-DIST-SMALL_PODCAST.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:51 — 38.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastWith recent extreme rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, striking down abortion rights, gun safety laws, and the ability of the federal government to curb fossil fuel emissions, even politicians are describing what is happening […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR AUGUST 16, 2019: Marking the August Date of African Presence in Jamestown 1619…Anniversaries of Ferguson and Bombings in Yemen…Headlines on Climate, Israel’s Banning of Tlaib and Omar…And More

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/p/onthegroundshow.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/OTG-AUG16-2019-DIST-SMALL.mp3Podcast: Download (33.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastLate August 2019 is the actual time period marking the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colony of Jamestown in 1619. So we have a rebroadcast of our interview with historian Gerald Horne about […]