‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR MAR 16, 2018: The F-Word: Margaret Stevens on Fascism Exported to the Caribbean and Africa…Students Say Disarm the NRA…Gerald Horne on May’s Russia Gamble…Headlines on Yemen, Deregulation of Banks and More…

On this show, our first 2018 episode of ‘The F-Word,’ when we talk about fascism. Professor Margaret Stevens, author of the new book, Red International and Black Caribbean: Communists in New York City, Mexico and the West Indies 1919 to 1939, joins us And one million students marching around the country to demand sensible gun laws! So we have students speaking outside the U.S. Capitol.

-Activists push for Sanders-Murphy-Lee resolution to end U.S. support of Saudi bombing ofYemen.
-The Senate votes to deregulate banks on 10th anniversary of economic meltdown.
-Pruitt at EPA violated Clean Air Act laws and more.
-Gerald Horne on UK-Russia controversy and Yemen.

Voices: Margaret Stevens, Gerald Horne, Students at Anti-Gun rally on Capitol Hill, Sen. ELizabeth Warren, Medea Benjamin

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