‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR MARCH 6, 2020: Dr. Margaret Flowers on the Coronavirus and Medicare for All…Women Rally at the Supreme Court to Uphold Roe v. Wade…Gerald Horne on Super Tuesday, Syria and the ICC Bears Down on U.S.


With ‘Super Tuesday’ in the rearview mirror, the United States turns its attention to the Coronavirus. We speak to Dr. Margaret Flowers. And women tell the Supreme Court that they are not going back to the days of back-alley, illegal abortions.  

Plus headlines with Gerald Horne and Chantal James on Super Tuesday, Black Southern voters, Syria and the ICC Bears Down on U.S. for suspected war crimes.

Esther Iverem with Dr. Margaret Flowers, Gerald Horne and Chantal James. Other voices: Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) and Rep. Diana DeGette (CO) and the Rev. Darcy Roake of Louisiana.

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