‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JULY 17, 2020: The ACLU Speaks Up for Protesters Assaulted By Police… The F-Word: Maybe Now FERC Will Stand Up for People Not Pipelines… Headlines on Portland, the COVID Back-to-School… And Much More…

Corporate media and gatekeepers try their best to ignore the national Movement Against Racism. And they also ignore ongoing police brutality against peaceful protesters. We speak to ACLU DC attorney Scott Michelman, who is suing the Trump Administration and DC’s police department. And this month’s episode of the F-Word on fascism: After more than a decade of doing the bidding of corporations, seizing homes of Americans and poisoning communities with fracking, drilling and pipelines, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission may be forced to end its abuse. We speak to veteran human rights and environmental activist Ted Glick.

Headlines: Anonymous federal police shoot Portland protester in the head with “non-lethal” bullet and fracture his skull… Call for felony charges to be dropped against 87 peaceful protesters in Kentucky… An update on racist statues in DC… Asheville, North Carolina City Council approves reparations for African-American residents…Workers are set to walk off their jobs Monday July 20 in the Strike for Black Lives…A Proposal for The Breathe Act… 2.23 million people filed unemployment claims for the week ending July 11… Can schools reopen?…Washington Teachers Union President Elizabeth Davis… Culture and Media: Grayzone.com… Concert for Cuba July 18-19… Saving Moses African Cemetery in Bethesda, Maryland from desecration… In History: Remembering Bastille Day and Sandra Bland.

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