‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JULY 24, 2020: Removing Confederate Monuments to the ‘Lost Cause’…What American Stories Will be Told? And Who Will Tell Them?…Headlines on #CanceltheRents, Trump’s Robocops and More…

Monuments to those who fought to keep Black people enslaved in the United States continue to draw new ire, as well as renewed efforts by lawmakers to remove them. And the debate over who or what is honored is just one part of a bigger struggle in the U.S. right now, over what stories of American history and of current events will be told and who will tell them. It is our week for culture and media and journalist Jon Jeter is back in the hot seat. 

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Photo: Image of people who had recently been enslaved in the U.S. south, 1860s. From the Library of Congress. Included in the report, Reconstruction in America: Racial Violence after the Civil War, 1865-1876, published by the Equal Justice Initiative and discussed on this show.

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