‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR FEBRUARY 4, 2022: 100 Organizations, Former U.S. Ambassador to Soviet Union, Urge Biden to End the Brinksmanship Between Russia and the United States… Jon Jeter on the Complicity of Corporate Media… Plus Headlines

One hundred organizations urge President Biden to end the brinksmanship between Russia and the United States. Our media critic Jon Jeter joins us to discuss the media’s part in beating the drums of war. Plus headlines: Biden Get a Backbone protest, DC Sanitation workers organize for job safety ad respect as essential workers. Atlanta DA asks FBI for security after Trump rally. HBCU bombs threats; no plea deal for Ahmaud Arbery killers. Amnesty International designates Israel as an Apartheid state.

With: Jon Jeter, Ambassador Jack F. Matlock Jr., Kevin Cramer Jr., Robert Hollingsworth, Kevin Pogue, Medea Benjamin.

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