‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR APRIL 16, 2021: The U.S. System of Policing Remains on Trial… The F-Word: Raoul Peck’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’… Plus Headlines…

http://OTG-APR16-DIST-SMALL-PODCAST-CORREX.mp3Podcast: Download (0.0KB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS | Subscribe to Podcast While the eyes of the nation are on two high profile cases of police terror in Minnesota, there have been at least four cases of people shot to death by police in the DMV during the last […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR FEBRUARY 3, 2017: George Orwell’s 1984 in 2017?…A School Privatizer to Direct Public Schools?…More Headlines

This week, our theme is the novel 1984, what is Orwellian in our world where there are alternative facts, where science is denied, where White Supremacists are boldly assuming or are being nominated for positions of power, and the new president continues to make cavalier remarks about military intervention around the world. We speak to […]