‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 27, 2019: The Year In Review…Human Needs Vs. the War Machine…Imperialism on the March…Resistance on the March…An Interview with Mother of Jamaal Byrd…Plus Headlines

OUR 2019 YEAR-END SPECIAL WITH ON THE GROUND CONTRIBUTORS Professor Gerald Horne, Chantal James and Lydia Curtis weighing in with their  top stories, from the right to affordable housing in DC, to the movement for Black Lives to the imperialist posture of the United States on the world stage. And we have a special interview […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 13 , 2019: CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on FBI Spying and the FISA Court…Bogus Charges Dropped Against Journalist..Labour Party Trounced in UK and More……

The Donald Trump impeachment hearings overshadow a new report detailing lying, cheating and cover-ups by the FBI. We speak to CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou about the IG Report on the origins of Russiagate and about the FISA Court. And as the protectors of the Venezuela embassy head to court, false charges are dropped against journalist […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR NOVEMBER 22, 2019: Eyewitness Report from Bolivia Coup by Medea Benjamin of Code Pink…Journalist Ben Norton on Elizabeth Warren’s fake left credentials…Headlines on Dem Debate, Extinction Rebellion, Stephen Miller, Public Housing and More…

As the U.S.-backed military coup in Bolivia continues to kill and attack peaceful protesters, a rare eyewitness report from a massive rally in La Paz by Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. And what is it about foreign policy that separates the real left from the fake left? Journalist Ben Norton on Elizabeth Warren’s true colors. […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DEC. 1, 2017: Residents of Public Housing Speak Out…Palestine 101: It’s Not That Complicated…Making a Movie About John Brown…Working Families Priced Out of DC’s New Waterfront

On this show, voices of residents of public housing in DC who are fighting–like many urban poor and working class people around the country–displacement, gentrification and the loss of communities where some have lived for generations. We caught the premiere of a community theater presentation “On My Mind/In My Heart: Voices of Women in Public […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JUNE 30, 2017: Trump Wants the Poorest to Pay More for Housing…Progressives Square off with the ‘Alt-Right’ at the Lincoln Memorial…Exposing Genocide in West Papua…Headlines on Trumpcare, the EPA, Public Transit and More…

In DC this week, the resistance rolled on. Advocates for public housing speak out… Progressives square off with the ‘alt-right’ at the Lincoln Memorial…Exposing genocide in West Papua… Gerald Horne weighs in on the ratcheting up of tensions in Syria and Venezuela…Headlines on Trumpcare, the EPA, public transit and more… Image from photo by Rosie […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 9, 2016: Black Power at 50 in DC, 1966-2016, Part 2: Housing and Gentrification…DC Actions to Free Leonard Peltier…More Headlines

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the call for Black Power in this country, in 1966 and next is the second in a series of segments this month that will explore Black Power: 50 Years in DC, Nineteen Sixty-Six to Two Thousand Sixteen. Today, housing and gentrification. 2000 to 2015, the Districts population expanded […]