‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR SEPTEMBER 24, 2021: The Real Story of Haitian Immigration with Jemima Pierre… Jon Jeter on the Sorry Corporate Media… Deadline for the Biden Budget (and Presidency)

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/content.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/OTG-SEPT24-2021-DIST-SMALL.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 56:06 — 38.5MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastWith the broken U.S. immigration system is in the news, we hear voices of those rallying on the National Mall at the March for Citizenship, Climate and Care. And we speak to Jemima Pierre of the Black Alliance for […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR FEBRUARY 5, 2021: Dems Move Forward with COVID Relief, Trump Impeachment…Immigrants Press For Human Rights…Plus Headlines on Greene, Teachers, Iran and More…

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/content.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/OTG-FEB5-2021-SMALL-PODCAST.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 55:45 — 38.3MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastIn the days leading to the second impeachment of Donald Trump, Washington is as divided as ever over what are the facts and how to move forward. And while some cheer the Biden administration’s first steps to fix the […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR DECEMBER 18, 2020: Washington’s Converging Health, Economic and Political Crises…The F-Word: Remembering the Berlin Conference 135 Years Later…Plus Headlines Including the Proud Boys and Community Control of the Police

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/content.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/OTG-DEC18-2020-SMALL-PODCAST.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 56:09 — 38.6MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastEverything out of order– including converging health, economic and political crises–have the become order of the day in Washington. And how does the legacy of colonialism resonate in the present? For our final F-word segment on fascism for 2020, […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR SEPTEMBER 18, 2020–The F-Word: Carl Dix of Refuse Fascism on Ousting the Trump-Pence Regime…Nurse Whistleblower In Her Own Words about Sterilizations of Immigrant Women…Headlines on Denver BLM Arrests, GOP Mania and More…

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/content.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/OTG-SEPT18-2020-DIST-SMALL.mp3Podcast: Download (Duration: 54:55 — 37.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastWith Trump and the GOP increasingly unhinged as the election nears, this month’s episode of ‘The F-Word’ is right on time. We speak to Carl Dix of Refuse Fascism. Also, anti-racism protesters continue to be targeted by police. And […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR AUGUST 9, 2019: The Fightback: From DC, to Mississippi, to Venezuela, to Mozambique…Headlines on the U.S. and Guns and More…

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/onthegroundshow.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/OTG-AUG9-2019-DIST.-SMALL.mp3Podcast: Download (33.2MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastFrom DC, to Mississippi, to Venezuela, to Mozambique, people all over the globe are fighting back against white supremacy and U.S. imperialist violence. And with accused mass murderers echoing the racist rhetoric of Donald J. Trump, a reprise of our conversation with […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR FEBRUARY 10, 2017: On the Front Lines With Asylum Seekers and Immigrants from Central America…DAPL Water Protectors Vow to Resist Pipeline…Headlines on Jeff Sessions, Black Lives Matter and More

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/onthegroundshow.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/OTG-FEB10-2017.mp3Podcast: Download (22.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastAs President Trump’s overturned executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries continues to wind its way through the courts, lawyers in DC and around the country continue to take up the cause of asylum-seekers and immigrants from our own hemisphere, from […]

‘ON THE GROUND’ SHOW FOR JANUARY 27, 2017: Voices From the #Inaugurate The Resistance Mass Protest at Trump’s Inauguration…Gerald Horne on Trump’s First Week in Office, Including Threats to Voting Rights, Mexico, China and the Environment

https://media.blubrry.com/on_the_ground_voices_of_res/onthegroundshow.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/OTG-JAN27-2017MONO.mp3Podcast: Download (26.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Spotify | iHeartRadio | RSS | Subscribe to PodcastUNHEARD VOICES FROM THE ONLY PERMITTED PROTEST AT THE INAUGURATION OF DONALD TRUMP. WE HEAR FROM AMONG THE MORE THAN 10,000 ACTIVISTS, ARTISTS, SCHOLARS, RELATIVES OF THOSE SLAIN BY THE POLICE WHO GATHERED. WE COVER OUR HEADLINES A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY TODAY AS […]